Fortnite | A Free-to-Play Gem

Since the release of titles such as Day Z, H1Z1 (which was later split into two separate games – H1Z1 “Just Survive” and then “King of the Kill”) and Player Unknown’s  Battlegrounds the Battle Royale (BR) multiplayer game mode has become a popular pick for gamers across all gaming platforms. For those who are not aware of this game mode the basic premise is as follows: you join a sever of up to 100 other players, you are then deployed into a map with nothing but the shirt on your back, you must loot areas on the map to get useful equipment such as guns and medical supplies, the map is slowly choked by some kind of gas or force field to make the playable area smaller (pushing players towards one another) and then you have to be the last person standing. It is truly an intense experience and people play this game mode in many different ways.


Often these games are early access which puts some people off purchasing them as, technically speaking, they are not yet complete games. However, this crisis has now been averted with the release of Fortnite’s free-to-play BR mode. This is available through the Epic Games platform and has huge potential to become a classic. It is still early access but you forgive that as it literally costs you nothing but the space on your PC. Moreover, the game is very well optimised and can even run on laptops without a graphics card (though admittedly you may struggle to compete against players who have a big gaming PC). What makes this title so appealing is that it is quite well developed for a free-to-play game and provides a very similar experience to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is a great taster for anyone who is curious about BR games but doesn’t want to fork out the dough.


Having said that, this game is by no means a carbon copy of the other BR titles. It has a very unique feel to it as the textures as a whole feel more arcade like. Essentially, it isn’t trying to reflect reality which makes it easier to just have fun. The game is meant to be ridiculous so when someone, for example, kills you by jumping off a mountain you feel less cheated because that is just what this game encourages – wacky gameplay.

The combat is also very different as there are no attachments, just guns, and they are all pre-loaded which means as soon as you pick them up you are good to go. The one problem with this lack of attachments is that the sniper is very, very over powered. I’ve heard a few people complain about this as, if you are against someone with a sniper and they are more than 50 metres away, they are going to win 9 times out of 10. This is true but, in my opinion, I quite like this. It means that getting good loot actually matters. Whereas, in other BR games like PUBG, you can have the best sniper (the AWM) with a nice 8x scope and then, out of nowhere, get head shot from someone with an M16 assault rifle. Its refreshing to have a game that actually rewards you for getting rarer items.


Having said this, there are of course flaws with this game. The most notable being how small the map is in comparison to other BR titles. Whilst at first this makes for some really fast gameplay it does get old pretty quickly.

In summary, this is a great game. I really recommend it for one simple reason – it’s free and fun to play. If you had to pay this for this title I would be less inclined to rate it at all just because it is too small but since that is not the case I say have at it. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below anything Fortnite related.

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