5 Amazing Games that Went Unnoticed

With so many games being made as the industry grows it is easy to overlook some absolute classics because they are often overshadowed by the big triple A releases. If you find yourself, much like me, dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and want to try some less followed games that are actually worth while then look no further.

Here are my 5 amazing games that went unnoticed:


#5| Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Image result for wildlands

This may not seem like it should be under this category as it is a big game made by a well known developer. However, although doing fairly well in sales it is not a very well subscribed game with it not even coming close to the top ten most played games on steam (though granted it is a game that is also played on Uplay). I don’t think enough credit was given as to how great this game was for Coop play so here’s a shout out to Ghost Recon and a recommendation for you to try it out!


#4| Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Image result for rising storm vietnam

The Rising Storm franchise has quite a committed following by its fans and people treat the game very seriously (or at least they do most of the time). This title focuses on realism and teamwork to create immersive gameplay that puts strategy above all else. Whilst I preferred it’s predecessor, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is a great FPS for those looking for a new experience.


#3| Fortnite

Image result for fortnite

I already did a little review of the free-to-play version of this game (click here to see the post). In my book, considering how many people in the world play PUBG, there is no reason why everyone one of those players shouldn’t install this game. It is a great bit of fun for absolutely no cost!


#2| Company of Heroes 2

Image result for company of heroes 2

I am a big fan of real time strategy games (RTS) and nothing is more satisfying than building up an army of tanks and destroying some nazis. It is great fun. I recommend this game to anyone who likes titles such as the Civilisation franchise, Rise of Nations, Age of Empire, Age of Mythology and StarCraft. Or to people who have a bit of a blood lust… it is great fun.


#1| Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Image result for white noise siege

Of course, it had to be the almighty Siege. This game has been going for a good a two years now and is entering into it’s third. The new Season is coming out TODAY! And I can’t wait to get re-ranked and get bandages for my fingers because I am going to be both playing the game and blogging about it excessively! The reason Siege goes under this category of ‘unnoticed’ is because it is currently still being overshadowed by Counter Strike (CS:GO) and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Which for me, represents everything that is wrong with gaming at the moment (a deliberately provocative statement). The reason this gem has gone unnoticed by the main stream gaming media baffles me but I think it has something to do with the fact it has only got better over time, like a fine wine or artisan cheese. It has matured into a great game with a fantastic meta and with a dedicated team adding content three times a year. BUY IT! (I’m not sponsored I promise – though Ubsoft hit me up yo).



There we have it, 5 amazing games that went unnoticed. Do you feel I forgot something or that my choices were wrong? Leave a comment below and we can have a nice chat about it. Stay tuned for my next post coming either this week or next!

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