Stardew Valley Multiplayer Confirmed for 2018!

It’s happening. Oh my god, it’s happening. Finally. In a tweet by game developer, Eric Barone, it was confirmed that the multiplayer will be coming in an update in 2018 along with additional content for the game itself.

But hold your horses. What will this multiplayer entail?

Well the simple answer is nobody really knows. For those of you who have played the multiplayer mod of Stardew Valley you may have already got some ideas of what to expect, however, we’re hoping for something a little more sophisticated than a simple mod. In a perfect world the multiplayer would let you and a number of friends live on separate farms across Stardew Valley, with your own unique background and relationships with the townsfolk. Who knows, maybe you could even set your own likes and dislikes and could become friends with actual players and not just the AI? Moreover, a trading system of some kind seems perfect for this game – maybe even an auction house type system similar to that in MMOs where players control the market and sell items.

What could also be interesting would be a development of the mine – maybe players could battle each other? What if players could go as far as to buy more property? Now I am getting carried away. None of these are guarantees but mere speculation. I would say, however, that what ever route the developer chooses we can be sure that it will be a good one as this has been a long time coming!

This has been a shorter post than most because I just wanted to share the news.

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