PUBG | Is it Worth it?

In my last, very long, post reviewing whether or not PUBG (click here) was worth your money I left you with a cliffhanger saying to wait until the full release of the game. Well that has come and gone so I thought it was high time to tell you my verdict.

What’s Improved?

I’m getting close to 300 hours of game time. Since the update I have only probably played around 50 hours and they have been an interesting two days and two hours. At first, the new map, Miramar, just didn’t work for the first five to ten minutes of the game. The server lag was beyond a joke. Though, to the credit of BlueHole, this bug was fixed in a patch.

Lots of things have been added to the game: a new map with loads of new weapons, new vehicles, new loot boxes, a brand new interface and new lobby screen – I know, how exciting. Whilst these changes were refreshing they were at best superficial changes to a game which needed far more development. I will save this rant for the next sections – sadly its hard not to get myself started.

The new map is an interesting idea and does change up the gameplay. The different cultural setting of Mexico (at least I think it is based off Mexico) does give the game a different feel. However, the map itself is far too open and far too big. What PUBG needed was a smaller map with more risks, smaller play zones and more chaos.

What Are the Problems?

As I alluded to previously, there are two glaringly obvious issues with PUBG since its release. One is that all changes are superficial, whilst some optimisation has been done far more is needed to make the gameplay appropriate for a full release. And number two is that the maps are just too big. If you haven’t died in the first five minutes and landed somewhere nowhere near a car then have fun running across fields and mountains for the next 25 minutes just to be sniped by somebody who has had far more time looting and killing than yourself.

But there are even more problems with the new release. For example, paid content. We were promised it wouldn’t happen but then, just before the games release during Gamescon, this promise was broken. Although it is not pay to win, it is still pay and it is exactly what we didn’t want from PUBG. Now more paid crates have been developed. Also, the battle royal game mode is an acquired taste. H1Z1 definitely brought it into the spotlight but PUBG has now made it a craze. The issue with this is that, realistically, battle royal can get to be too much of a good thing. I have found over the past 300 hours of game time, the more I play, the more I want to play a game that actually works, that doesn’t require running and hiding and that feels more balanced. Of course, this is now becoming extremely subjective, but this is just how I feel.

Should You Buy It?

In summary it is clear that PUBG is already well established and people who are interested have probably already invested in this project. However, for those of you who have not yet fallen for the hype  – it’s not worth your time.

Although this game is one of  last years top sellers and still attracts a multitude of players it is not going to last as the developers are aiming to move on to other projects and already the community is becoming annoyed with the lack of communication with the developer – look at the overall steam reviews if you don’t believe me.

Moreover, the game has so many processing and network issues it is hard to summarise in one post but these will never be fixed. But, hey, this is one mans opinion. I mean no disrespect to the developers or the players – I just feel that this game is now 300 hours of my life wasted which is probably my fault!

Thanks for reading, take a look at some more of my posts.


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