Ghost Recon Wildlands | A Surprisingly Smart Investment

I bought this game during a sale on steam, just a few weeks after I purchased Rainbow Six Siege in fact. I was sceptical at first as I had seen the trailers a while back and didn’t think much of it. I am happy to say that Ubisoft proved me wrong.

Before I get into the minute details and review this game I thought I would like to start by saying, and then showing you, how nice this game looks. That’s right, I made a cheeky YouTube Channel and a quick video that I hope encapsulates how amazing the game looks:

As you can probably tell by the video the game is huge and looks absolutely stunning. But there is more to this title than just the way it looks. Now comes my BuzzFeedesque, list style review of Wildlands.

#1 | Cooperative Gameplay

Image result for wildlands coop

This is a cooperative game whether you go it alone or with friends. If you play solo you will be in full control of three AI squad members. In many ways they are more reliable than if you had actual people playing in their place, however, playing the game lone wolf does make it feel more clinical. If you actually play with friends, however, the chaos and laughs are in abundance. One minute you will be flying over a city dodging SAMs, the next you will be attempting to tactically infiltrate a drug cartel’s compound (often unsuccessfully). It really is a lot of fun and worth buying just on this basis alone.

#2 | Tactical Mechanics

Image result for ghost recon wildlands

There is a stealth mechanic in the game which rewards you and your teammates greatly if you play more like… ghosts. It is a neat feature and makes you think more strategically when carrying out missions. Additionally, there is an overall tactical rating which is influenced by factors such as stealth and accuracy. This is always fun as you can compare yourself with your fellow teammates. Moreover, the large quantity of collectable weaponry available in the games makes it so you can adapt and perfect your preferred combat style. The drones also add a unique element of reconnaissance, if you don’t drone out areas before commencing an assault then you won’t have the enemy’s specific location marked on your mini map making combat harder.

#3 | Freedom of Choice

Related image

This game has more customisation than any other I have played in recent years. You can customise your characters whenever you want and wherever you want. On top of this, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ways to customise your characters appearance which, let’s be honest, is essential for an open world RPG.


#4 | Special Features

Image result for wildlands coop

The game also has some special features which go beyond what you would expect from a third person shooter. There is an endless supply of side missions to gain resources to unlock new skills and abilities. There is even a tier mode where, once you hit a high enough level, you can pick your favoured style and work steadily to progress it. So, for example, if you want to be a sniper you can focus a lot of your resources into improving your preferred weapon. This makes the game unique in that you can tailor your abilities to a chosen class which is almost entirely based on your own preferences.

#5 | Immersion

Image result for ghost recon wildlands

With all of the above considered it becomes far too easy to become immersed in this game. You want to be as tactical and efficient as possible. That being said, the freedom you have can also lead to a lot of fun and chaos in the game. So however you want to play it, Ghost Recon Wildlands is suited to your style.

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