10 Fun things to do in Stardew Valley

There is a lot to do and see in Stardew and often it can become far too easy to get stuck in a routine. This can completely ruin a save because you find yourself in a rut which is hard to live in when you are on such a care free game. So here are some fun things you can do, right now, on Stardew Valley to mix it up a bit.

*Just a warning there may be some mild spoilers ahead*

#1 | Find Mayor Lewis’s pants

Mayor Lewis is just a sweet old man who has a strong sense of community and is an upstanding, moral citizen. Right?

At some point in the game Lewis asks you to find his pants for him as they went missing and he is rather embarrassed about it so asks for your discretion. At first, this appears like an innocent Stardewesque kind of task. Maybe they fell off his washing line? Maybe someone is playing a cruel prank on him? Maybe he misplaced them due to his old age? All of these fairly reasonable assumptions are, I’m afraid, wrong. It turns out Lewis is, let’s say, providing extra mayoral duties for Marnie as you find his pants in her room. I find it funny to give him them back in a very public place. Its pure comedy gold when you have to hold his pants above your character’s head in front of the entire town in the Stardrop Saloon  and give them back to Lewis loudly exclaiming where you found them.

#2 | Try a different sexuality

Image result for LGBT Stardew valleyWe’re all very much stuck in our own ways in daily life. It’s easy to let our habits and experiences effect the way in which we interact with the virtual world. Most often, when I make a character on any game, they are a white man who is heterosexual. Stardew Valley offers many options of courtship and is inclusive of whatever sexuality you may choose. It’s also very care free about it and you are accepted by all of the residents (even by George up there). In my opinion, if you are an experienced player, not trying a different gender and sexuality is blocking yourself from game content. If you go for a same sex marriage there are different options available to you for having children such as adoption. It also sparks different dialogue options with the town’s inhabitants. I think it also represents how there is no shame in being yourself and that people can, and should, have the same opportunities and experiences as any other. There is no drastic difference between a straight or LGBT+ farmer in Stardew Valley – maybe we could learn the same lesson.

#3 | Make an evil save

Image result for stardew valley evil

I know, I can’t believe I am saying this either. Please note that I only recommend this option when you are really desperate. Succumb to the will of JoJa Mart and sell your soul. Although it is a far less interesting way to play the game it is still a different way to play so probably worth trying once you have completed everything. Also, in this save, try making enemies. Give people weekly gifts of things they hate, take things out of bins in front of residents, say nasty things when the game gives you the chance. What’s great about doing this is it makes you so distressed you get straight back into playing the game properly!

#4 | Explore every inch of the map

Image result for stardew valley map

So, you think you know Stardew? Can you get into the mini forest above the blacksmiths? No? Then “GIT GUD”. I digress.

There is truly a lot to explore in this game so I just recommend taking a stroll and seeing what you find, even if you are an experienced player – there is always something happening in Stardew Valley.

#5 | Start a brewery

Image result for stardew valley keg

If you didn’t know, the most efficient crop to sell is actually hops but just farming them and then selling them won’t get you much, you need to turn the beautiful hops in to a nice Indian Pale Ale (IPA). This is the most profitable of all the artisan goods. Forget your cheese and your mayonnaise, brewing is where the money is at. You can also make beer and wine but these are less cost effective – but a true lover of alcohol shouldn’t discriminate on price alone.

#6 | Go to the beach

Image result for stardew valley beach

I am sure you have been to the beach many times but I always try to go at least once a day. Why? Well, for a start, it is incredibly relaxing – the sound of the ocean and the gulls. But there is more to the beach than relaxation. There are usually some shells to collect and rare sea creatures to fish!

#7 | Complete quests

Image result for stardew valley quests

Most players try to pick up quests from the bulletin board whenever they pass it. I usually have a “you never know” mentality to it – I might stumble across some quartz in the mine or catch a specific fish Willy is looking for. This is good to do in most saves, but, if you are bored, it is quite fun dedicating every hour to these quests. They usually give you a higher reward than the base price for the item you acquire, they give you more friendship with the person you help out and can also be a fantastic time waster. Though be warned, sometimes it is just impossible to finish them – hence why they can be so fun to attempt!

#8 | Set your own records

Image result for stardew valley fishing

As you can see in the photo above, so many players invest their time in unique ideas and projects, this is something every player of Stardew Valley  should aspire to. If you have a favourite pass time, whether that’s mining, fishing or decorating, try and work towards something that will take you a lot of work and energy. It will pay off in the end I promise you that. One thing I enjoyed doing was setting records for the most amount of money I could make fishing for a day. I think my current record stands a 11,450 gold – I challenge you to beat it. I also have become rather obsessed with making my own orchard, they are all in very organised rows that span across my farm.

#9 | Swing your sword at townsfolk

Image result for stardew valley sword

Okay, this one might just reflect my deeper psychological issues but there is nothing more amusing to me than going around town, doing your daily tasks, and then, when the opportunity presents itself, hacking at a sweet innocent resident of the Valley. Is that weird? It doesn’t hurt them at all, I think that’s why I find it so hilarious. But if you haven’t tried this then I recommend giving it ago to release some stress. 10/10.

#10 | Don’t farm

Image result for stardew valley no farm

Ever tried a save where you don’t plant seeds and water them everyday? Where you never build a barn or a coup? No? Try it. It makes for a very different experience where you end up focusing more on foraging, collecting, decorating, socialising and mining.



Well there we have it, 10 fun things to do in Stardew Valley. What do you like doing in Stardew Valley? What do you think to some of the points on this list? Let me know in the comments below and we can have a chat about them. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon and remember: I still hate JoJa Mart!

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