10 Game Releases to Look Forward to in 2018

We all love thinking about upcoming releases in the gaming world and 2018 is no exception to this rule. There are so many big titles to look forward to. Here are 10 which I am particularly excited about.

#1 | Red Dead Redemption 2 

Image result for red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption (made by Rockstar Games following Red Dead Revolver) is, in my humble opinion, one of the best games ever made. It had a detailed and engaging story line with well developed characters set in the wild west – what could be better? Well, hopefully, Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you haven’t seen the second gameplay trailer, watch it now:

This trailer unveils a lot about this big title such as the main protagonist, Arthur Morgan, a member of Dutch’s infamous old gang we heard so much about in the last game. With this information presented to us it is clear that this sequel is in fact a prequel to the last game, or at least that is what we have been led to believe. There has been much speculation over the specifics of the story and how all of the old characters will fit in and I am sure that a lot of you have your own theories on this game. As for me, I can see Rockstar doing something similar to Grand Theft Auto V by giving us a story line with multiple playable characters, maybe even characters with story lines set at different times. Regardless, I am looking forward to this release and only hope that it is a well thought out prequel to one of my all time favourites. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on the 26/10/2018.

#2 | Mordhau 

If you were a fan of Chivalry but didn’t like certain aspects of the game, such as those times when people spin rapidly and then somehow decapitate you whilst crouching and facing the other way, then this is the game for you. See the gameplay trailer here:

As you can see this looks like an absolutely chaotic, gory and satisfying title with some impressive looking graphics due to the Unreal 4 engine. Game developer 4A Games claim that this game will be released in March 2018 but this is subject to change. This is one to keep your eye on.

#3 | Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

I was a big fan of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and I’m hoping I will say the same about the 7th. The gameplay looks very similar to the 6th with some cool looking new features and lots of customisation. If you like stunning visuals and new player friendly, military jet simulators then this is definitely the game for you. If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer released during E3 then I recommend you check it out:

The release date of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is sometime in 2018.

#4 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Image result for kingdom come deliverance

This epic is going to be released on the 13th of February so this is a close one. This will be action role-playing game where players will get a taste of life during medieval times. Big battles, historically accurate weapons, crafting and architecture alongside a gripping story line thus will surely be one to add to your steam library.

#5 | Far Cry 5

Image result for far cry 5

I am a big fan of the Far Cry series, though admittedly I was not fond of Primal. Far Cry 4 was an underrated classic, you could technically finish the game in 15 minutes, and the third was absolutely fantastic. Most Far Cry games have been set in curious exotic landscapes with a medley of interactive environments. However, Far Cry 5 is set in the land the free and home of the brave, America. This, as you can imagine, has caused quite some controversy in the States, especially considering the fact that the antagonists in this game are a group of right wing, religious extremists which, in light of certain political events in the USA both recently and historically, hits too close to home for some people. Here’s a link to some gameplay:

What of course puts this game on top of any other is that you get a nice friendly doggo to tear your enemies apart. 10/10 would consider playing again. I hope that you can interact with the doggo and that it talks back to you with phrases like “heck that wos sum scary stuff, hecking extremists did me a scare fren”. Sorry, I’m now losing track of what I was talking about. The release date is 27/03/18.

#6 | Call of Cthulhu 

I am yet to read the entirety of the Necronomicon but from what I know and have briefly read I can tell you that I am a huge HP Lovecraft fan, well minus his overt racism. So when I found out that game developer Cyanide were releasing the ‘official’ Call of Cthulhu video game I got very excited. I’m not usually a fan of horror games but I’m willing to make an exception in this instance. Here’s a link to the trailer below:

Spooky… The release date was pushed back from late 2017 to a time in 2018 which is still to be confirmed.

#7 | Metro Exodus

The metro series is back and boy am I excited. Metro Exodus is the next instalment in the series and, from the trailer alone, it looks like it will be an absolute gem. I can only hope that this trailer isn’t giving us false hope as it presents Exodus as a new, immersive way to play a first person shooter:

I will mention before moving on that this trailer revealed something big – you need a gas mask to breathe underground and no longer need it on the surface – I know big stuff. It will be released sometime in 2018.

#8 | Anthem

Now I will admit that I don’t know much about this release or the premise of the game but the gameplay trailer makes it look like an immersive cooperative experience. It looks like a nice combination between Destiny and Titan fall taking elements of the high tech suits and glorious multiplayer player versus environment (PVE) combat. See more below:

The release of this game is sometime in 2018 so stay tuned for more information on this title.

#9 | Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord 

This is yet another medieval release coming out in 2018 that I am personally very excited about. This release promises absolute mayhem with large scale sandbox warfare and sophisticate melee and ranged combat. I’m most excited about the archery mechanics in this game, it reminds me of some of my favourite battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy where defending forces behind castle walls are engulfed by attacking forces. Check the gameplay below:

The release date for this game is still to be confirmed some time in 2018.

#10 | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak 

And last but by no means least is the upcoming new year and new season of my all time favourite game and boy does it offer some big changes.

Image result for rainbow six siege outbreak

We have not yet seen the new operators coming for this season but we do know the theme: alien zombies…

At least that’s what the new release trailer seems to suggest, see for yourself:

Before you get too excited and buy Rainbow Six Siege and the year 3 pass right now there are some things you should know first which I feel are fair warning for potential new players. The first is that Ubisoft have talked about raising the base price of the game as Siege is slowly becoming one of the most played games of 2018. Ubisoft has realised this and that more and more players are joining each day so be careful you don’t fall prey to this money making ploy. The second and final piece of information I wish to disclose is that the new season does offer a zombie mode, yes, but I have heard that you will only be able to play this mode with two other players (3 players total) and that it is an event that will only last until March. This, considering that we have spent money on the content, is a disappointment so let us hope that it is so good it is worth the limited time and minimal cooperative gameplay.

That’s all for this post. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below, I respond to all comments.



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