R6 Siege | The Good, the Bad and the Outbreak

Year 3 has been an interesting one and the first season “Chimera” has been both enjoyable and, at the same time, off putting. This is the season where I finally hit Platinum, which believe me I’m chuffed about, but now, frankly, I find myself getting bored… Though I admit that might have something to do with the 500+ hours I’ve played since last November.
Rainbow Six Siege is now becoming more and more popular, attracting many new players daily. So I thought I should, yet again, share some wisdom for those newcomers that might be just a bit more reliable than Reddit (sorry Reddit, but it’s very true) to address some of the positives you will encounter this season and, of course, some of the negatives. So here is a breakdown of the Outbreak season so far:


#1 | Ela Nerf

Image result for Nerf Ela

If you have been watching pro-league you will have seen how Ela has become a very low pick operator. This is because her gun, the Scorpion, has been considerably nerfed. It used to have a 51 round magazine whereas it is now 41 and the recoil has been significantly increased. This was, I’m afraid to say for all you Ela mains out there, an important nerf. Not because Ela was so overpowered that she could not be defeated, but because she was far too versatile in a game that requires operators to be specialists. Ela, in my opinion, is still an extremely viable pick. Her mines are very effective to support roaming, her gun still has a really high dps just with a lower range making spawn peeking not viable and she is a 3 speed. Interestingly, she has also had her impact grenades removed which, in my opinion, I think is a bit overkill but its not a massive problem. I will say it has meant that I have personally seen a lot more people opting for Vigil over Ela as his gun is now better in a lot of ways (it has a similar magazine size but with more control) and he has impacts. Basically, if you want to be a three speed roamer you pick Ela to hold certain areas with your mines or vigil to be more aggressive. Which, for me, is a nice balance.

#2 | Updates to Weekly Challenges

Image result for siege challenges

I think it was an update with Outbreak, which has now passed, where weekly challenges that wished operators a happy birthday were “destroy 20 drones as a defender” or “destroy 20 defender gadgets”. This felt like a much more enjoyable way to play the game rather than forcing you to play specific operators. For example, this week BOPE is part of the weekly challenges and play Cav is a bit of a meme in my opinion – I’d rather play an op with more utility.

#3 | The Outbreak Event

Image result for siege outbreak

This event was refreshing and I am glad that Ubisoft tried something new. You may notice later on in this post that I have also put this as a negative of this season. That’s because it has some strengths and weaknesses. So here I thought I’d say what I liked.

New content is never a bad thing and there was a lot of it with new combat systems. I really liked the take down ability they introduced, though it felt a little clumsy at times. It would be cool to introduce the take downs to T-hunts, provided they slow the animations a bit and work on some of the bugs and remove awkward full body highlights on the enemy. I also really enjoyed that defenders and attackers got the chance to work together for once, it was quite refreshing. Maybe that could be another thing to consider bringing to T-hunt as currently you can only attack with attackers and defend with defenders, maybe a new mode which mix the two could be interesting. I also liked some of the stealth mechanics they introduced which weren’t that important in the easier mode but were quite important if you tried the harder difficulty. This is all I enjoyed about the Outbreak event – but I have a lot more to say.

#4 | New Cosmetics

Image result for operation chimera smoke

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the Outbreak packs which came with this season, though if you were interested in them you have sadly missed them. However, there were loads of new skins added into general circulation with the outbreak pack so if you are a nerd like me and willingly spend money to look cool then this was a positive. I also might be biased because from 13 packs (which I bought using items I sold on steam) I got the full smoke set (see picture above) the full Doc set, the Buck uniform and the Ash. On top of this I got a load of really nice weapon skins, i particularly enjoy this legendary for Lion:

Image result for lion legendary skin

Also, we all got a free Ash elite uniform which was nice, though I’m not a huge fan – although, that’s probably because everyone has got it.


#5 | The Outbreak Event

Image result for outbreak siege

So, whilst I enjoyed the new content, there were many issues with this event. Firstly, it was only an ‘event’ and has now been taken away from the game – not that I am complaining about that. I see siege as a dedicated multiplayer experience, much like CS:GO, so I would really prefer seeing the time and energy that was used to make this event going into something else more typical such as a new map for ranked. I know many players have taken issue with recent maps, such as Tower, but in my opinion all the DLC maps have been really well made, balanced and unique.

However, there were further issues with this event. For me, once I had played each of the three levels of the event (at least I thought it was 3) I really had no interest in playing them again. However, the weekly challenges set ridiculous tasks such as killing 200 spitters (I think they were called that at least) which you were luck to get 5 of per level as the other two players in game with you also wanted the challenge. This leads me to another issue – the three person lobby. Why on earth would a game that is dedicated solely to 5 vs 5 gameplay, that encourages people in higher ranks to use premade groups, make a 3 man only game mode? It makes no sense to me other than it would have impacted the in-game fps or something.

On top of all this I just felt like this event was a wasted opportunity. Siege offers so many cool and inventive ways to play a first person shooter and, given the context of this game, I feel the first event-like story should have been more focused on the concept of “sieges”. Maybe, instead of disease and zombies, we could have some sort of mini-campaign with living representations of historical sieges. For example, the 1980 SAS siege on the Iranian Embassy. It would give context to the organisations we play so frequently in siege and offer new depth to the game. It’s just a suggestion and it may not sound like the sort of thing you are looking for from this game but I think it has more potential than a 30 day zombie event #justsaying #sorrynotsorry.

#6 | The New Operators

Image result for Siege Lion

I just would like to see more environmental abilities. Universal abilities seem kind of lazy and Lion’s wall hacks are either useless or overpowered – they are inconsistent. And as the 100% pick rate in pro-leauge for Lion will tell you, he can be too over powered at times. Hopefully the next ops will be more engaging characters. I do like the new ops but just, as I said, feels lazier in comparrison to other DLC ops such as Mira and Jackal or Lesion and Ying.

#7 | Outbreak Packs

Image result for siege outbreak packs

You may be surprised to see that I have put this in the negative section considering I was raving about the new cosmetics earlier. Well, I had to include this here for one simple reason: the price. This addition was extortionate. Fortunately, I made steam money selling cosmetics from CSGO and from PUBG so didn’t really have to spend hard cash.

#8 | Mass Banning

Image result for ubisoft banned

With the new year Ubisoft released a new report system which focused specifically on toxicity in the Siege community. Inevitably, in the first day someone was getting banned every 2-5 seconds. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with this progression I take one issue: there is a much bigger crisis in Siege which is not being addressed – hacking. I have never encountered a game where hacking is so readily accessible. As soon as one person is banned a new hacked account is created. This is because of predominantly Russian websites which sell services for boosting. The issue is people who use boosting don’t get banned because they themselves haven’t hacked. Ubisoft need to crack down with these individuals. If you queue with the same hacker over three times in a row you should, in my opinion, get insta-banned from Siege.

#9 | No New Map

You might not like the maps that were introduced with Operations Blood Orchid and White Noise but I did. I think it adds a bit of balance to ranked as everyone has to learn the new settings together and if you have a bit more map knowledge than the other team it can really put you on top. We did not get this with this season – instead we got temporary content, and this disappointing me.

#10 | Sound

Now, sound is a big issue in this game and everyone knows it. The reason this has made the list is that it is annoying when you see so much time and energy invested into new content but so little into issues that exist in the core game itself. People should be able to three speed rush you making no footsteps, you should be able to tell which direction footsteps or gun shots are coming from and you should be able to hear people just as loudly if they are a floor above you. Please Ubisoft, work on this.


As you might have seen there only 4/10 items on this list that were, in my mind, positive. This is not to say that I have not enjoyed this season, after all I just enjoy playing siege. However, I have some concerns for the future of R6 Siege after the release of this season. The major one being universal abilities, and its not because I think they are over powered but because they are bland. Some of the best DLC operators in the game, such as Mira and Hibana, work because they have abilities which effect the environment and have a utility unlike any other operator – in essence they bring something new to the table for you to consider and worry about when you play against them. These also require skill on behalf of the player, if you play Hib you must make sure you get hatches and so on before you get fragged. However, in the case of Lion and Finka, all you need do is press a button and see what happens. Now, of course, in both cases there are times when your ability is useful and when it is not but there is nothing lost to your team if you are fragged. Whereas, if a team trying to breach the objective is left without a Thatcher or a Thermite then you’re in for a hard time. What this game is best at is circumstantial abilities and you need to preempt whether you will need that or not. In the case of the new operators for Chimera, you just pick them because you know a universal ability will likely come in handy in most situations. But don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean that the operators are over powered either. They are quite easily countered by effective anchoring.

Lets hope in the next season we see some operators which do new and exciting things that effect the environment and how the game is played rather than giving the entire team a buff. Thanks for reading, let me know if you agree with me or not and stay tuned for my next blog post.

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