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For this confession, I wanted to try something new, something that I hope some of my readers might enjoy. After my last two confessions, I feel that I have personally shared enough for the time being. Instead, I want to hear some of your wrong doings on the internet. So, allow me to present my very own Gamer Confessions Competition.

Why am I doing this? Because I love the gaming community and too often people within the community are overlooked and not given the attention they deserve because the industry has become so big. This is my way of celebrating our shared passion for gaming.


Before I go into the specifics, I know you’re probably more interested in the prize/reward/whatever you want to call it. If you win this little competition, which I will add has been funded completely out of my own pocket (no corporate self indulgence here), you will receive the following:

  • You will be gifted a copy of “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Starter Edition” on Steam.
  • Your confession will feature in a dedicated post.
  • You will gain my love and respect and I will likely become a reader of your website too (HURRAY).

(Don’t worry if you don’t get picked, I still appreciate it and I will make sure that all entries get featured in future confession posts).

So if you’ve been curious about Rainbow Six Siege but haven’t had the energy/time/money/patience to invest yet then this might just be the opportunity for you. This is a completely self funded endeavour, I have no ad revenue or sponsorship – I just thought this might be a bit of fun. If you guys like this sort of thing and it goes well it is likely there will be more competitions like this in the future (assuming I still have some money here or there).

The Rules

The rules are beyond simple. All you need to do is write your confession in the comments section of this post. Your confession must be no longer than 800 words, it must not include real names of people or any sensitive personal information of any kind and must be in good taste – i.e no unnecessary profanity or hatred etc. My top pick will be notified of their success by a response to their comment. You’ve got until the 25th of May to make your confession – good luck. Also, you can only do one confession so make it count!

If there is any confusion do get in touch through the contact page or twitter. I hope this goes well because I’d love to see some of the crazy things you guys have all done over the course of your gaming careers. Feel free to share this post on social media so we can get as many bizarre and interesting stories as possible. Thanks all and be sure to stay tuned for my next post.

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  1. A reader based competition from one of our members. Completely free entry! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys gaming and is looking to sink their teeth into other gamer’s stories whilst being in with the chance of getting an award.


    1. Ok so here goes for my first ever gaming confession.
      When I was in middle school (so around 11/12 maybe) I had a friend who I frequently visited his house and we would spend the time watching films and playing video games with one of the games being a Metal Gear Solid game. I can’t remember which one it was but all I can remember is at one point you kill a crocodile which is in your way and you get to some sort of science facility. As any of you know who have played these games they are meant to be stealthily which is easier said than done especially for two 12 year old boys who really just wanted to blow thing up and kill things.
      So one day in the summer holidays while playing the campaign we got to this facility. My memory of it is not great but I can just remember always being seen and we could not do it at all. So having almost given up we tried one last time and this time we got further than we ever did. Feeling quite pleased with ourselves we decided not to give up and carried on and it was at this point we came across a very funny bug in the game and what is the main point of discussion of this article.
      In the facility was a sort of library bit with many rows of book shelves which were good cover but one time while in between these book shelves we were spotted and then all of the guards came rushing at us but instead of being killed and getting that annoying ‘Game Over’ screen all games had back then all of the guards just stopped in front of us and didn’t do anything.
      We both were shocked and also relieved that we hadn’t been killed and after we had gotten over those initial thoughts are next one was ‘what next?’ We must have had no fewer than 25 guards all lined up in front of us. We didn’t dare move. My friend then just decided to slash with the knife the one in front of us. As expected the guard fell to the floor. In that moment I assumed that that all the guards would then descend on us easily taking care of us and seeing that accursed ‘game over’ screen again. But no. All that happened was the queue just moved one step closer to us like a group of British people waiting to be served in a café. So one by one we killed all of the guards in front of us and by the end there was just a pile of dead bodies. We couldn’t believe our luck and we then passed this part of the game but unfortunately I then had to go home so we packed up and saved the game.
      That bit was so enjoyable I then asked my parents if I could have it and they bought it for me. And this is where my confession comes. So I played the game up until that point in the facility and I just used to play that bit over and over again I just found it quite comical and I never completed the game. I have no idea still to this day around a decade later how that game finished and I also haven’t owned another Metal Gear Solid game either.
      To any fan of those games (and gaming in general) I have probably just blasphemed by trivialising story driven games and I am not confessing to any built up childhood anger issues but I do think that this little episode does highlight something about video game violence. Now I do not in any way agree with those people who think that because a video game is violent that’s the reason someone goes out and brutally murder someone but I do find that topic interesting to listen too. And I think that as graphics in games get better and VR becomes better and cheaper there could soon be an issue maybe with kids (and even adults) who play more immersive games suffering from PTSD and other trauma related conditions. I know when I was younger I played Call of Duty games and GTA both violent game franchises. What happens in 10/15 years when a 12 year old maybe plays his older siblings or parents VR game when you can feel the metal of the gun in your hands and smell the blood after you’ve just killed someone in game.
      So while my confession isn’t a big one per se I do think that soon doing something like I did in a game could have true psychological repercussions on someone in decades to come.

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