R6 Siege | Pro League Breakdown and Operation Para Bellum

There’s a lot happening in R6 Siege right now and I don’t know whether I am excited or terrified. All I know is, as usual, change is coming whether we like it or not. I must admit, I’m a lot more pumped for Operation Para Bellum than I was for Operation Chimera – it feels more true to what we have come to expect from the siege meta. Before we get into all the nuances of the new season, let us first talk a bit about the pro-league finals.

Pro-League Breakdown

For those who are less interested in reading some of my comments on the pro-league and more interested in the results I have summarised them just for you in a rather stylish chart:


Miraculously, the Brazilian’s (Team Liquid) absolutely dominated during the quarter and semi-finals. The most amazing feat is beating PENTA, the long reigning world champions of R6 Siege. I applaud Team Liquid and thank them for making the finals so enjoyable to watch.

Though let us not forget some of the other teams that stood out during this competition. A highlight for me was Nora-Rengo who really gave Rouge a run for their money. In particular, I really enjoyed how their Hibana used the super nova for soft destruction. Most would see this as a stupid move given how reliable Hibana’s assault rifle is. However, this really made sense on consulate as Hibana could easily blow the hatches and then also create rotations and flush people out of hiding spots with the shotty. Whilst she didn’t get a kill (which I would have loved to have seen) Nora-Rengo really maximised the utility of this operator making her even more invaluable to the overall team’s performance.

Kudos also to Rouge who finally won a LAN match, despite losing to PENTA in the semis, that is still something they should be proud of.

Operation Para Bellum

Image result for Para bellum operators siege

So I finally succumbed and downloaded the 60 GB test server to try out the new map and operators and boy am I confused. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the new operators, particularly Alibi, are over powered but I personally think the whole thing is more nuanced.

For starters, the new map is just crazy big so at the minute everyone is adjusting to a lot of new content – I like the new map though as it gives more opportunities for defenders and attackers to get inventive. I don’t think that Alibi is particularly unbalanced, I just think she is quite bizarre. Her ability to produce holograms messes with a siege players instinct to get the kill as fast as possible and it is disorientating at first but after two – three games it becomes very easy to predict. She might be a three speed with a decent gun and the ability to mess with players but she is by no means impossible to counter. I would say that Maestro shows more potential as his utility is far greater.

Related image

Maestros cams are bullet proof and shoot out lasers that can hurt plays by 5 damage each hit. They are very good at countering Hibana and Thermite and can be used to destroy enemy gadgets and can also see operators through smoke. I think that this can be used very craftily, especially by those in pro-league, and I am looking forward to seeing the use of Maestro in the future. Alibi I think will have less of an impact in the meta and I personally believe that Vigil will remain as the preferred choice for roamers.

I hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for more in depth posts on the upcoming season.

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