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It is here folks, my first ever review dedicated entirely to just one single game (I know amazing) and I am quite excited to share my thoughts.

Recently I’ve been getting a little tired of playing the same old games so me and a few chums decided to purchase ‘The Forest’ as we had heard good things. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting much as the game has been out for some time and started off as an Early Access but boy I was mistaken. I flipping love this game! It’s just quirky and surprisingly original for an Early Access survival game.




The Forest can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer and has three tiers of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Hard Survival. I jumped straight into Hard Survival mode which I would personally recommend for all players as it makes the game so much more rewarding and is guaranteed to give you the creeps (and also is likely to lead to regular death – build armour folks).

The game begins with you in a plane that is taking a rather unfortunate plunge to the ground. After crash landing you fall in and out of consciousness and, amid the chaos, see a rather scary looking gentlemen abduct your son. Some time later you wake up battered and bruised but a lot better off in comparison to the other passengers. It is here where your journey of survival begins. The game does not spoon feed you and simply has a to do list which includes “find Timmy” and “make camp”.  The plane crashes in a random location on the map, though the most common in my experience is right next to the cannibals main village – oh yes that’s right, you’ve landed on a remote island which is teeming with crazed cannibals who want you dead so good luck with all that.

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Whilst the story is interesting, and I personally have enjoyed contemplating some of the lore, the core elements of this crazy survival sandbox are: crafting, building, hunting and exploring. You can waste many in-game days just having fun building bases and hiding from cannibals. I am considering doing some more advice and walk-through posts on this in future because there are so many interesting ways to just survive – so stay tuned for that.


So, why have I generously rated this game at 4 stars? Well, first and foremost, the game is beautiful. The landscape and day and night cycles really create an atmospheric experience for the player. The game is also smooth and just a pleasure to play – though admittedly there are still some bugs. Moreover, the game has a bit of everything for everyone. If you enjoy the process of building and surviving then you are covered or if you prefer horror gameplay mixed with an intricate story line which includes hunting for collectable items in hard to reach places then this game also caters to your needs. On top of all this, you can try your look on your own and then make a new save with your friends which is a lot of fun.

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One moment that really stuck with me was when myself and three other friends had built our tree house fortress right in the middle of a major cannibal patrol route (that’s right, later in the game large groups of cannibals start patrolling the map and if they find your base they will do everything to destroy it – and you). The mutants and cannibals had destroyed around three quarters of our base by the time we had managed to fight them off. The final cannibal was one of the stronger ‘pales’ and he wasn’t going down without a fight. Myself and a friend were prodding him with our weak spears (no pun intended) when suddenly our friend (let’s call him Steve) came flying out of thin air brandishing an axe.


Steve had executed a power attack in mid air which struck the poor, unsuspecting cannibal on the head. The cannibal then exploded into a thousand meaty chunks as a result of Steve’s acrobatic take down. We stood there in silence, baffled by this ordeal. As it turns out this is an actual game mechanic where, if you execute a power attack on an enemy after jumping off higher ground it will instantly and violently kill them. This is what makes this game great, not the cannibal exploding but the random little quirks that you discover on your own or with friends.

If I were to offer one constructive criticism for this game it would be to introduce some kind of community modding system as this would really work well with the game. There is so much more room for new building options, weapons and enemies!

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to give away too much about the game and its story but, if I were you I would purchase this game in a heartbeat. And, if you love it, one of the endings for the game suggests that there is sequel in development which is something I am really looking forward to.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more reviews in future and, hopefully, some of my very own fan theory about ‘The Forest’ and more. Thanks.

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