E3 | Bethesda Breakdown

Well, Bethesda has been busy. So, if you read my latest post on What to Expect at E3 2018 you might know that I wasn't feeling very optimistic about this year's conference. However, there was some interesting news that I am sure you are all very aware of by now... Elder Scroll VI has been officially... Continue Reading →

Review | The Forest

Introduction It is here folks, my first ever review dedicated entirely to just one single game (I know amazing) and I am quite excited to share my thoughts. Recently I've been getting a little tired of playing the same old games so me and a few chums decided to purchase 'The Forest' as we had... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Gamer | #2

If you haven't read my first confession then (click here). The first confession triggered quite a response from some of my readers so I felt it was high time to yet again spill the beans. I like to see myself as a fairly relaxed gamer, at least before I got my PC and started taking... Continue Reading →

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