Review | The Forest

Introduction It is here folks, my first ever review dedicated entirely to just one single game (I know amazing) and I am quite excited to share my thoughts. Recently I've been getting a little tired of playing the same old games so me and a few chums decided to purchase 'The Forest' as we had... Continue Reading →

Fortnite | A Free-to-Play Gem

Since the release of titles such as Day Z, H1Z1 (which was later split into two separate games - H1Z1 "Just Survive" and then "King of the Kill") and Player Unknown's  Battlegrounds the Battle Royale (BR) multiplayer game mode has become a popular pick for gamers across all gaming platforms. For those who are not... Continue Reading →

Stardew Valley | Tips and Tricks

Stardew Valley is one of the most humbling and meditative games I have ever played. There is no specific way to play this game per say and players can do as they please and I recommend this style over following advice you read online rigidly. This will take you longer but leads to a more... Continue Reading →

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